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LCC-LFB Herne Hill fire station, Brockwell Park SE27


Firefighter during hook ladder practice


Fire crew and horse drawn pump


Women dispatch riders in training, WW2

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LCC-LFB Change from brass to cork fire helmets


Shadwell Fire Station crew and fire engines on display


Fireboat Massey Shaw with eight hoses pumping


Firefighters standing outside an appliance shed


Auxiliary Fire Service gas mask training, WW2

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Firefighters climbing wheeled escape ladders


LCC-MFB Dulwich fire station and horse steamer


LCC-LFB Major fire at Prudential Insurance Building


Caledonian Road fire station, North London


Men working at watchroom telephone switchboard

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Firefighter wearing NFS uniform, WW2


Firefighter wearing NFS uniform, WW2


Firefighters and fire engine posing outside station


London Fire Brigade motorised pump


Recruits training at Lambeth HQ

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Trainee being lowered from tower during exercise drill


Firefighter in protective fire gear, WW2


Firefighter undergoing ergometer test


Turntable ladder drill at Southwark HQ


Firefighters taking part in a hose training drill, WW2

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Firefighters demonstrating the use of slide poles


London Fire Brigade fireboats on the Thames


LFB headquarters under construction, Lambeth SE1


Blitz on London -- Oxford Street, WW2


LCC-LFB Presentation of Silver gallantry medal

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LCC-MFB Redcross Street fire station stables


LCC-LFB Presentation of Silver gallantry medal


Turnout of fire appliances and crew


Illustration telling the story of Chance the Fire Dog


Members of Ilford AFS at Barking Town Quay, WW2

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Firefighters playing billiards in a fire station


Training in taking telephone messages


NFS fire engines at Wembley


Dennis Guildford motor pump


Turnout of fire crews and appliances

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Lambeth HQ appliance bay doors


Firefighters playing billiards in fire station


Group of men on open ground, Central London


Blitz in London -- John Lewis, Oxford Street, WW2


NFS (London Region) firemen with hose lines, WW2

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